The (New) Alliance!

2007-11-25 15:01:24 by BazookaNinja

The Alliance is up and running again!

Jconserv shitploded on us, so I created our forum in a seemingly better host for us to continue our shenanigans. (not to be confused with

Sign up, and tell everybody you can. :]

That is all.

A lovely picnic

2007-11-22 20:53:06 by BazookaNinja

It was a beautiful afternoon, with a warm temperature and a colorful sunset. I had food and drinks set up in a red checkered blanket in the grassy hills, to commemorate one full month of my relationship with my girlfriend. I had liked this girl for a good year or so, and even a month later, I still couldn't believe we were together, but.. that is a story for another time. We were sitting down, snuggled close to one another, as I caressed her beautiful hair and told her how much I cared about her. As I ran my fingers down her gorgeous smooth brown hair repeatedly, my fingers suddenly met at a clash with an object foreign to her beautiful hairpiece. I had never touched an object with such a texture or color before, and stared blankly, not knowing how to react. She was smiling sweetly at me, unaware of what was occurring, but I had frozen in terror, as I slowly came to the realization of the identity of this unknown object. I had to react quickly. I stepped aside in a swift move, unsheathing my broadsword. "Barbados!" I yelled. We fought grandiosely for the following days and nights, until I delivered the final strike to his looming body. I could finally claim my reign as the prince of darkness. Victorious, I packed the picnic into bags, and drove my girlfriend home.

So, the moment had finally come

2007-11-06 14:03:03 by BazookaNinja

I put on my combat boots and strapped my knife to my belt, only to come to the realization that my shirt was pink.

I cannot properly camouflage with a pink shirt.

What now